Strategy for Disseminating the Results of the Project to Key Stakeholders and to The Greater Nursing Community

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December 21, 2019
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December 22, 2019

Strategy for Disseminating the Results of the Project to Key Stakeholders and to The Greater Nursing Community

Strategy for Disseminating the Results of the Project to Key Stakeholders and to The Greater Nursing Community

There are various stakeholders in the nursing the healthcare sector. The change made for bettering the quality of healthcare services targeting nurse turnout will equally boast of many stakeholders that include thee senior staff and management, the nursing community, the public, insures, and the patients.

Senior Staff and Management

This part of the stakeholders plays a significant role in the success or failure of any healthcare establishment. Therefore, it is imperative that they get the information s soon as possible and in the clearest manner. After the evaluation of the project and concluding its viability, it is inevitable that the senior staff and the management get the information as soon as possible. It is therefore to get them the information though oral and written presentation so that all the arising issues and questions can be cleared as soon as possible. Using PowerPoint presentation in a Conference Hall appears more effective.

The Nursing Community

Thee nursing community plays a significant role in the provision of healthcare services. The changes to be initiated will affect the nurses directly, both the nurses in the organization and those outside the hospital. Accordingly, it is important to give thee nurses the information so that they become privy to the necessity and what is involved in the project. There are many platforms that can be used to avail this information, for instance the use of internal communication and posting it on the relevant websites that professional nurses access on a regular basis (Schell, 2013).


The insurers are another group that is pivotal in the facilitation of any healthcare organization (Schell, 2013). They ensure that the patients can get credible services from the hospitals and that the hospitals are profitable. Consequently, it is inevitable that they get thee information on the various changes to be made to enable them advice their clients accordingly. Official communication of this information via hospital authorities is an important method to reach the insurers. It is a strategy that will suit them because if they learn that the service will be better hence more clients to the hospital, it will be happier to be associated with the hospital and will continue the association for the mutual benefit of both parties involved.

The Patients

Patients are the most important stakeholders in hospital environment. All the activities that a hospital does are either connected to them directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is essential that they ae given the privilege of having such an important information on admission so that they understand how the hospital will operate under thee change. The management of the hospital should thus avail booklets with all this information to all the clients at the facility to ensure effective communication (Schell, 2013). They can then read this and understand it in details.

The Public

The old adage that knowledge is power is more evident to the public. The dissemination of the information can assume many platforms. Fr example, the noticeboard at the hospital should have this information, effectively enabling everyone who comes in and out of the hospital to know about the changes (Schell, 2013). Secondly, it is important to use the official social media pages off the hospital to communicate to tee public. Using the websites and posters is another important strategy to the public.


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