Discuss the nursing care required in the scenario

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March 25, 2020
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March 25, 2020

Discuss the nursing care required in the scenario

Discuss the nursing care required in the scenario

You are allocated to care for a group of 5 residents in an aged care facility which houses a Dementia Unit. One of your clients, Mary Canley (85 yrs), confides in you that she has been incontinent of faeces and has increasing abdominal discomfort. Reading her care plan you find that she is usually continent. Mrs Canley occupies a bed in Room 1 (see ward plan in assessment section). When you speak to the Nurse in Charge of the Unit and she says that another resident in the Dementia Unit has just complained of stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Essay task ? What you need to do
Discuss the nursing care required in the above scenario. Your discussion should be based on evidence and utilise a reflexive decision making approach to nursing care.
Your essay discussion should include the following:
1) Evidence from research to support your clinical decisions and care implementation.
2) Describe how this type of infection can be spread within healthcare facilities and outline the possible risks to patients and / or nurses.
3) Identify best practice for preventing the spread of this infection.
4) Hygiene maintenance and manual handling risks for both clients and staff.
5) Nutritional management including monitoring and maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance for Mrs Canley during your shift.

For information only:
This assessment item addresses the learning outcomes as below:

1. Use a reflexive decision making approach to the provision of pro-active and responsive nursing support for the activities of daily living.

2. Understand and apply principles and strategies that constitute safe nursing care which optimises health outcomes and minimises risks to individuals and groups.


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