Hotel Technology

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Hotel Technology

Hotel Technology Lab1
Technology is driving the way hotel and lodging operations are running their business and achieving business objectives.  Technology has become a critical strategic component, helping companies gain competitive advantage.
Lab Objective
Increase knowledge of important lodging technology concepts and applications.
Do an internet search and locate specific information on the following topics and questions.  Use the citation engine (link available in Blackboard) and properly cite each response.  DO NOT copy and paste your answers.  Your responses must be free from punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors, as well as well-organized and written.  Wikipedia CANNOT be used as a source.  Enter your response to each question under each question in a red font. Cite your references using APA format.

I.     Hospitality Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1.    Describe a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

2.    Describe 4 functions of a Customer Relationship Management

3.    Describe 4 benefits of a Customer Relationship Management

4.    What elements are essential to successful CRM implementation?

5.    Provide a detailed overview of how the hospitality industry is using eCRM. (include the main components of a hospitality eCRM).

II.    Web-based hotel property-management systems
1.    Describe Web-based hotel property-management systems
Include the benefits (advantages) and why Web-based property-management systems are increasing in acceptance as a choice for both large hotel chain and independent properties

2.    The Peninsula Hotel Group is recognized as one of the pioneers in using design and technology to improve the guest experience. Describe how Peninsula Hotels is using technology to serve hotel guests – overview at least 3.  Provide specific examples of how the guest experience is enhanced – innovations the hotel group has implemented
Wireless hotel property-management systems
Opryland Hotel Nashville, part of the Gaylord Entertainment – 2,883 guestrooms, 600,000 square feet of convention space, nine acres of indoor gardens, a quarter-mile indoor river, retail shops and restaurants. Over four million guests stay in the hotel annually

III. Opryland uses LMS Mobile Express –

1. Describe how LMS Mobile Express works and what can it processes for the hotel

2. Describe the 2 reasons the Opryland needed to decentralize check-in procedures

3.    Describe the benefits of the LMS Mobile Express.

IV.    Research each of the major hotel technology topics and respond to each in your own words.

1.    Describe how the Las Vegas Aria at CityCenter using RFID technology?

2.  List 3 benefits the hotel experiences from the technology.

V.    Self-Service Technology Platforms

1.    How can lodging properties benefit from automated self-check-in/self-check-out systems?

2.    How is New York’s Andaz Wall Street hotel using technology for check in?


  1. Hospitality Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  2. Describe a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

It is a business strategy that is used by businesses to manage and control all the interactions between current and potential customers and the business. It is enables a business to increase its productivity, boost sale and promote customer loyalty.

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? – UK. (n.d.). Retrieved from

  1. Describe 4 functions of a Customer Relationship Management

CRM can be used by a business to follow up and organize its contacts with the current and potential customers.

CRMs store all the customers’ data in a database. This data helps to avoid any errors in the calculations and communications with the customers. This information is also important in understanding customer target markets.

CRMs integrate…

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