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Other companies

i. Not legitimate writing services. Operate in 3rd World countries and claim to be in the USA or UK. No guarantees offered of any kind. No legible terms and conditions.

ii. Can endanger student's college career by offering plagiarized work. This can lead to being expelled from the university altogether. Offer no apology and no guarantee. Some disappear or refused to respond to customer complaints.
iii. Sell stolen work downloaded from free essay websites. Easily identified as plagiarized.
iv. Infrequent or virtually non-existent customer service. Very poor quality. Unfriendly, frequently unavailable. Uncooperative and uncaring.

v. Most sites usually have inexperienced writers who do not have adequate writing skills. These writers provide customers with poor quality services that do not guarantee customer satisfaction
vi. Direct contact with writer is out of the question, because most papers are prewritten or even copy pasted from other sites.
vii. Deliveries are not usually made on time since the companies have inexperienced writers who are not able to write fast and accurately. Making urgent orders from such sites is usually risky since a customer’s order may be delayed.
viii. Slip in additional charges and fees that were not specified in original agreement.